Four graphic designers at the forefront of typographic book cover design.

Reading Time: 3 minutes For the next two weeks at Nicework we have 4 amazing interns hanging out with us, so we’ve ask them to help contribute to the blog! This post was written by one of them. His name is Conor and he is a third year graphic design student studying at the University of Johannesburg. He is […]

Upping Your Type Game by Jessica Hische

Reading Time: 2 minutes We have always been type nerds, but Jessica Hische is clearly passionate about fonts. She believes that designers should not have a favourite font, but a favourite type designer. In her article about upping your type game she covers: Does it come in a variety of weights? Does it have a nice x-height? Does it have a true […]

A Nice Quote for Friday

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jessica Hische is a letterer, illustrator and designer working in San Francisco. We found this great quote by her and thought it was worth a share: “Support designers so that they can make a living of what they love most. Buy their products if you like them. Otherwise it kills creativity!”

Always Read The Manual

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Manual is a printed and hand crafted journal that takes a fresh look at web design. “The idea was to play on web design being a relatively young discipline, by creating an identity for the journal that felt older than its time, with references to heraldry, freemasonry, and old book illustrations (among other things).” […]

NICE Magazine- Issue 2!

Reading Time: 2 minutes The second issue of NICE magazine is available now for download! Thanks to your overwhelmingly positive response we were able to generate another awesome issue of interesting creative work for you to feast your eyes on. Follow these instructions to get your own FREE magazine: Download either a PDF version or a WWF non-printable version. […]

Jessica Hische

Reading Time: 2 minutes . Jessica Hische is a designer with a talent for type (go see) but she is a lecturer at the University of Arts in Philadelphia as well. One of the projects she set for her students was to create a book cover design, end plates, title page and book plates for The Wizard of Oz. […]