Always Read The Manual

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Manual is a printed and hand crafted journal that takes a fresh look at web design. “The idea was to play on web design being a relatively young discipline, by creating an identity for the journal that felt older than its time, with references to heraldry, freemasonry, and old book illustrations (among other things).” […]

The Pitch

Reading Time: 1 minute Fatimah Kabba created this board game centred around one of the major occasions in a graphic design: “The Pitch”. “I wanted to “rebrand” the preconceptions about graphic design, I wanted friends, family, clients, and the general public to have a new found respect for the field, the legitimacy of which I think is too often minimized or entirely over […]


Reading Time: 1 minute Love this prototype design for a protective iPhone cover aimed at photographers. “The UN01 is a simple 2.5mm protective plastic slide case with a neck strap that encourages the user to rotate the phone into a landscape orientation and places it at chest level, ready for use whenever needed…the case is a two piece assembly […]