Heartwarming Illustrations by Pascal Campion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fall in love with these heartwarming illustrations by Pascal Campion. Pascal captures us with artworks that all of us can relate to. Like that time in your childhood when you would hang out with your buddies and explore the neighborhood… or that time when it was really snowy/rainy when you would sit by the window […]

Artist Tatsuya Tanaka’s Daily Miniature Photo Project

Reading Time: 2 minutes Photographer and art director Tatsuya Tanaka has a fascination with all things tiny and has an uncanny ability to repurpose everyday objects as set pieces or tools for the inhabitants of his miniature world. For his project Miniature Calendar, Tanaka has been stretching his imagination to its limits nearly every day for the last four years. A tape […]

The School of Life tells us Why Design Matters

Reading Time: 1 minute Happy Thursday everyone! We have had the lovely opportunity to have Marié Serfontein intern here at Nicework, and asked her if she has anything interesting to share with us – and she did!  <insert drumroll here> Life is crammed with questions. Quick questions, hard questions, silly questions, sobering questions, life-changing questions – even ones that fit into […]

Intrinsic Nature

Reading Time: 1 minute An online art group consisting of a select community of creative minds from around the world. The Nature of the Beast by Chris Valentine and Billy Bogiatzoglou aka Billelis Wild Side by 3TX Life by Sansan Noodle Doodle by HuMac