McBess makes Londoners nicer to each other

Reading Time: 2 minutes #travelbetterlondon if you want to know more about how Travel Better London has created an amazing campaign to train the city creatures of London to be nice to each other. They commissioned artwork from super-talented French illustrator McBess Follow the campaign over on the Travel Better London site, and admire more of McBess’s work over on his site.          

YUMYUM the best thing to happen to my eyes in weeks!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some times in life you find the most amazing things. This is one of those. I am going to buy every toy that YumYum London makes ever. I hope they get a Pixar deal to make a feature film… These are their toys, you can buy them here. This is the best creature on earth… […]

4 seconds of Amazeballs, many times.

Reading Time: < 1 minute Look at these amazing 4 seecond animations by Animator and Director – Fraser Davidson, Actor and Writer – Dan Jones and Producer – Matthew Harvey. They can achieve a lot in 4 seconds and it is always funny! They are a fun take on the A to Z of London. We are keen on making ‘n […]

2012 London Olympics Designed

Reading Time: 2 minutes Given that the 2012 Olympics are in full-swing it seems like a fitting time to do a round up of all the Olympic-inspired design that has been floating around the internet recently. We hope you enjoy it. A retro-inspired poster by Andrew Maunders that draws influence from the design and typography of the 1948 Olympics […]

Queenly Colours

Reading Time: 2 minutes In honour of the Queen’s 60th year on the throne, Vogue studied every outfit she had worn for the last 12 months to find out her favourite colour…can you guess it? See the image below for results… In other Queen and colour-related news… Pantone and Leo Burnett London teamed up to create a limited edition colour guide of […]

Gin & Juice

Reading Time: < 1 minute London gallery Ivory & Black will be hosting Gin & Juice, a group exhibition opening in June that will feature new work from James Jean, Cleon Peterson, Andrew Schoultz, Richard Colman and Ryan Travis Christian. Looks like it’s going to be a good one.