Zombies hate stuff

Reading Time: 2 minutes Traffic, wet socks, Mondays, low battery and no phone charger, and of course, Comic Sans – These are a few of my least favourite things. But what about Zombies? What do Zombies hate? ¬†This book by Greg Stones ¬†beautifully illustrates the list of things zombies hate. A common question the America artist is often asked […]

Renan Cardoso’s perfectly paired illustrations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Renan Cardoso, Rio de Janeiro-based artist, has created a lovable series called True Lovers. ¬†This series, which illustrates the perfect pairings between everyday objects, has us falling in love. His soft colour palette and rounded shapes give life to objects like ketchup and fries, a tree and swing, and even a classic throwback to a […]