The Mixed Media Sketchbooks of Gosia Herba

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gosia Herba mixes gouache, collage, pencils, crayons, and watercolour to create beautiful compositions in her sketchbook. She illustrates people, animals, and objects in an abstract way that gives them a round, puffy presence. The general feeling of her sketchbook is happy and playful, but also mysterious because in a handful of the paintings you can see the characters […]

Costello & Hellerstein – A Lesson in Traditional Art Mediums in Branding

Reading Time: 2 minutes Whenever a new branding project comes in after a string of other projects, a large majority of designers and creatives would probably turn to their trust Internetz or digital program to start trawling the world wide web in search of some form of brain spark. Often traditional forms of art and creation fall by the […]