Fun Black and White Murals of Friends and Family by Alex Senna

It’s not often that you walk down the street and encounter an artwork that warms your heart or brings a smile to your face, but for Brazilian street artist and muralist Alex Senna, positive emotion seems to be his visual currency. His lanky black and white characters are often found in a variety of hopeful, […]

It’s nice to be important…

Everyone loves a good makeover montage, and we’re no different. Check out this lovely typographic mural we completed last year – it graces the wall above brainstorming central in the Nicework offices. Perhaps we shall install a tranquility fountain as well. Kudos to Candice for the design! Nicework Office Mural Timelapse from Nicework on Vimeo.

Keys to the City

Creative team, Invisible Creature was recently commissioned by Vulcan Real Estate to create a 100′ x 30′ mural that reflects what building a city would look like, as part of the new building. I grew an instant liking to this because it represents the beauty of street art in a fun and whimsical way. The colours are vibrant and exciting and […]