Minimalist Album Covers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Can you guess the album cover? This is a series of minimalist posters created by the designer Nicholas Barclay. Known for his distinctive style, Barclay deconstructed iconic album covers into simple colours and shapes. Barclay is the master minimalist design. We think these album covers are beautiful and rather nifty, don’t you?  

Jack Vanzet’s colourful world of music

Reading Time: 2 minutes Looking at Jack Vanzet’s art is like finding yourself staring at a music visualiser, submerged in an audio visual world where the boundaries become all the more blurred the closer and harder you look at it. Based in Melbourne, Vanzet is both musically minded and gifted with an artistic talent to boot. Weaving a colourful path between these […]

DKNG Has Illustration on point, and Their Music Taste Ain’t Half Bad

Reading Time: 3 minutes DKNG is a small illustration/branding studio hailing from Los Angeles, California. Now, when I say small, I actually mean that there are a total of two people that make up the entire studio. I don’t know about you but I find that to be pretty impressive, and if you aren’t convinced then just take a […]

Oreo Pop-up Café Launch

Reading Time: 2 minutes This sugar-coated event was one bustling with people of all shapes, sizes and careers each with one thing in common; the amount of Oreo treats, entertainment and activities had every guest’s childhood alter ego bouncing off the walls. In the true spirit of ‘play with Oreo’,  Candice Mullins from Plato Communications, Thurlow from Mbongiworks, Mariaan Steyn […]

Graeme Jenner makes people happy

Reading Time: 1 minute A while back, Graeme Jenner, one of the founders of advertising agency King James II, gave us a real talk to remember. He had some great insight into the musical tracks that have crossed cultural boundaries to become smash hits, and the stories of the people behind them. Not only did he keep the audience in stitches throughout the […]

Submerged Music

Reading Time: 1 minute With almost no impact on the audio quality, Evan Holm has managed to submerge a record player under water. His Submerged Turntable installation is based on representing the lively escape of music, out from under a dark veil that holds endless mysteries and disillusion below it’s surface. (via Colossal)

Music made from Fruit and Vegetables by Jonathan Dagan

Reading Time: 1 minute Multi-genre Brooklyn-based producer/remixer Jonathan Dagan   known as ‘j.viewz’ has explored the limits of music. Experimenting with fruit and vegetables. Jonathan wires up very unlikely musical instruments to re-create the popular ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack. Jonathan who has years of experience with remixing different sounds, creates full and complex pieces that push the boundaries of music and […]

mcbess and CRCR unleash the music

Reading Time: 1 minute The talented mcbess once again outdoes himself in an attempt to blow us all away. No surprises there. Recently, he teamed up with the guys from CRCR to create an animated advertisement for Deezer, an equally awesome french music site. Immediately the video gets you in the mood to find some exciting new music and dance the night away. […]