One More Question: Brad Shorkend and Andy Golding (Part I)

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Season 2, Episode #2 Ross sat down with Andy Golding and Brad Shorkend, co-CEOs of Still Human, a company that helps small, medium and large organisations to become Companies Behaving Awesomely. Why ‘Companies Behaving Awesomely?’ A Company Behaving Awesomely is an organisation to which the best people want to come, do come, choose to …

The value in knowing your True North

Reading Time: 5 minutes Some leaders have long embraced the power of purpose in guiding an organisation to success, but until fairly recently, making that idea a reality has proved challenging.

We are seeing shifts in recognising the importance of purpose and how beneficial it can be when brought to the core of an organisation’s strategy.

One More Question: Louis Janse van Rensburg

Reading Time: < 1 minute In Season 2, Episode #1 Ross and Louis Janse van Rensburg talk about how Heavy Chef got started, how clarity of purpose can be a powerful tool in business, the challenge of scaling purpose alongside the organisation, and Heavy Chef’s work in the entrepreneurial space.

Brand credibility — to build or to rent?

Reading Time: 6 minutes In Episode #11 of OneMoreQuestion, Ross sat down with Uno De Waal to chat about brand credibility and how the right kind of collaborations between brands and creatives can help to build it.  When we talk about brand credibility, we mean the trustworthiness of the brand in the mind of the consumer. High levels of …