The flower that blooms

Reading Time: 2 minutes Be inspired by dreamy paintings where humans and nature coexist by Japanese artist Miho Hirano. Her subjects appear unified with their environment. Striking elements of the paintings include hair flowing into flowering tree branches or strands of seaweed and adorned with goldfish, hummingbirds, and various insects. Each element carefully crafted that carries their own symbolic weight. […]

A Collaborative Duo Pokes Fun at Plein Air Painting Through Photographic Series

Reading Time: 2 minutes Duo Hank Schmidt in der Beek and Fabian Schubert have been poking fun at plein air painting with a collaborative project since 2009, a humorous series of photographs shot by Schubert that captures in der Beek with his original paintings. Und im Sommer tu ich malen (which translates roughly to “And in the Summer I do […]

Not all who wander are lost

Reading Time: 2 minutes American born artist Missy H. Dunaway moved to Turkey to study art and textiles all alone. From there, she continued to travel through Europe, Morocco, and other destinations. Instead of capturing her travel experiences with a camera, Missy carried around her Moleskine notebooks and documented her travels with paintings. Her paintings are filled with dreamy scenes, along […]

1,400 Square Feet of Candy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Painter Peter Zimmermann has moved his colorful hues from canvas to floor in his latest exhibition “Freiburg School,” at the Museum für Neue Kunst in Freiburg, Germany. The installation is composed of bright blue, pink, and peach resin that appears like a candy-coloured lagoon beneath the feet of museum-goers. This resin covers more than 1,400 […]

The Crazy Plate Lady

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canadian artist, Jacqueline Poirier has crowned herself “The Crazy Plate Lady”. Her beautiful hand-painted charger plates are showcased throughout The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto. Designs on the plates range from landscapes, portraits, animals, food and everything in between. Although each design is unique, Poirier’s plates capture the Canadian spirit. The colourful palettes and designs spark conversation at […]

Joanne Nam

Reading Time: 2 minutes Los Angeles-based Korean artist Joanne Nam’s paintings are making me smile. These placid, beautiful figures graced in light and shadow create a delicate landscape for melancholy to breathe. Take me away…   Like a picture, a brand is worth a thousand words. What does your brand say?

Jack Vanzet’s colourful world of music

Reading Time: 2 minutes Looking at Jack Vanzet’s art is like finding yourself staring at a music visualiser, submerged in an audio visual world where the boundaries become all the more blurred the closer and harder you look at it. Based in Melbourne, Vanzet is both musically minded and gifted with an artistic talent to boot. Weaving a colourful path between these […]

SupaKitch and Koralie – Inspiration at it’s finest.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Good afternoon everyone 🙂 In light of the long weekend coming up, I thought it would be a great time to post something exceptionally inspirational. Something that could get a fire started somewhere in that creative mind of yours! We have 4 days off people. 4 DAYS!!! Just think of all the amazing personal projects […]

Secret Fore-Edge Paintings Revealed in Early 19th Century Books

Reading Time: 2 minutes All books should have secret little presents in them waiting to be discovered! Ok maybe not all books, but this should still be a thing! “Fore-edge painting, which is believed to date back as early as the 1650s, is a way of hiding a painting on the edge of a book so that it can […]