Mon Choco’s branded story

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mon Choco’s brand, created by Mexican design and branding company, Futura, tickles the tastebuds and delights the visual senses. Based in Ivory Coast, Mon Choco celebrates working with cocoa for generations. Futura created a beautiful pattern/illustration that tells the story about the people of Ivory Coast and the way they harvest the cocoa, respecting the traditions in order to make delicious versions […]

10 Design Principles – Poster Series

Reading Time: 2 minutes Efil Türk created a series of posters to visualise the most commonly acknowledged principles of design, with great efficacy. Her poster range reveals just how useful and critical these principles are to design. Paying heed to the simple principles of balance, hierarchy, pattern, rhythm, space, proportion, emphasis, movement, contrast and unity, goes a long way – and will […]

Headspace for color

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lesley Barnes has only very recently described herself as an illustrator. She actually studied English at university, although she have always loved drawing. For that reason she always feel a bit guilty describing herself as an illustrator as she has no formal training. She  loves books and especially the cover design of old Penguins. She also loves animated […]

New Work: Tartan Studios

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tartan Studios is a niche interior design studio that specialises in creating bespoke bar and club interiors. Nicework was approached to create a full corporate identity for the company, including stationary, business cards, presentation documents, as well as the design and development of their website. The client required a sophisticated corporate identity that would appeal […]

Nicework loves good packaging

Reading Time: 2 minutes It has been awhile since we’ve done a round up of excellent packaging design. So here is a list of our recent favourites: Packaging for a dairy range called MLK designed by Russian creative agency Depot WPF. An illustrative design treatment suggests the handmade production process and differentiates the brand from other dairy producers. Minimalist […]