Graft Tablewear

Reading Time: 2 minutes Product designer Qiyun Deng, created a series of disposable tableware, titled Graft, made of bio-plastic PLA which were made to look like their sources – the plants. “Texture and form in nature autonomously exist with a function that can be utilized for another purpose. A celery stem for example, serves as handle for the fork; a petal […]


Reading Time: 1 minute A great ad by directed by Jonathan Gurvit, featuring a redhead nudist and lots of strategically placed plants.   Director: Jonathan Gurvit Production Company: Mercurio Cinematografica DOP: Nicolas Trovato Art Director: Magdalena Arrieta Agency: ARMANDO TESTA Creative Directors: Vincenzo Celli, Peppe Cirillo Copy: Stefano Castagnone, Federica Saraniti Lana Art: Laura Sironi Soundtrack: by THEMUSICBANK.

Urbio – Urban vertical garden

Reading Time: 1 minute A small Kickstarter project Urbio has made the cut and is now in production. These amazing modular containers make for amazing organic art in your house or flat. You can grow plants or use them to organise stuff. It is not too late to buy these for Nicework for our 5th Birthday. Pre order here. You can even […]