Reading Time: 2 minutes Pablo Alfieri is the creative mind behind Playful. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started the career of Graphic Design to become an Art & Motion Director, after 4 years of hard work in amazing studios. In 2010 he founded with Mariano Farias one of the best Motion Studios from Argentina: Plenty. After more […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes Alexandra Zutto is an illustrator, print and character designer from Russia. Zutto creates outrageous worlds filled with vivid colours, fantastical shapes and beautiful characters. He invites his viewers into an energetic, playful phantasmagoria. We love Zutto!

What’s for supper?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Monster diets are a much talked about topic in the recent events of signs of life on other planets…wait, it might be an unsupported fact but never the less it is indeed ranked with similar topics. Anyway these cute illustrated characters designed by Mark Bird are part of an impeccable collection of 24 unique and love-able […]