Presentation Design Masterclass: The end, for now

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello there! Welcome to the 9th (and final) module of our presentation design masterclass. To see what we’ve covered so far, you can click through to our shiny new consolidated homepage. This module is a look back on all the key takeaways from the masterclass so far – a good one to bookmark! (Wink wink, […]

Presentation Design Masterclass: Briefing your agency

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hello! This is the eighth module of the Nicework Presentation Design Masterclass – the second-last one! Here are the things we’ve discussed so far: presentation planning, document setup, fonts, colour palettes, imagery, charts and graphs, and animation. Today, we’ll be talking about how to brief an agency on creating a presentation for you. “What?” you […]

Presentation Design Masterclass: Animation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello! Welcome to the seventh module of the Nicework Presentation Design Masterclass. First, we discussed presentation planning and document setup. Then, we tackled the basic building blocks of your design – font choices and colour palettes. Last week, covered how to enhance your narrative using imagery and graphs. Did you get all that? Today’s post is about the […]

Presentation Design Masterclass: Charts & Graphs

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hi there! Welcome to module 6 of Nicework’s Presentation Design Masterclass. So far, we’ve covered presentation planning, document setup, fonts, colours, and imagery. What a mouthful! Today, we’re looking at charts and graphs – how they can be used to further your big idea, and when to leave them behind. Make sure you read to the end of the post […]