Illustrator imagines a world where books are present in all aspects

You know when you read a really good book and it seems to be following you everywhere for days afterward? This artist has captured that feeling beautifully in his quiet and whimsical illustrations. Jungho Lee is a Korean illustrator based in Seoul. His peaceful images show books infiltrating all aspects of life with surreal and […]

City Guide: Take a visual journey before the actual journey

Hong Kong-based publishing house Viction:ary has collaborated with designers and illustrators from all around the world to create their “City Guide” books’ covers. These are all bound to get you all geared up and excited – either to do some actual travelling, or embark on an online journey to discover great illustration and design pieces! The covers represent a city […]


Everybody knows we really love notebooks and now 53 the makers of paper have paired up with Moleskine to make your ipad sketches come to life. You will even be able to get a stylus out of them soon. They hope you’ll try making a Book. They’re perfect for sharing conference notes, design sketches, trips abroad, storyboards,inspiration— and the first […]