Reading Time: 3 minutes Well, that is what you want everyone to believe. We think we are living in the age where we print has evolved from every day to something special. Printing something presents an opportunity to establish an emotional connection with a reader. When we started Nicework 11 years ago every branding job involved the production of […]

The RGB Colourspace Atlas

Reading Time: 1 minute New York-based Tauba Auerbach created this phenomenal book showcasing every colour in the RBG spectrum. The binding was done by Daniel E. Kelm, who is a bookmaking guru (in my book, ha!) if there is such a thing. ┬áIs it functional? Perhaps not. Is it beautiful? Absolutely. Do I want to play with it? Heck […]

Card to Art

Reading Time: 2 minutes Card to Art produced 1000 of these beautifully letterpress cards using a Vandercook press. Each card can be transformed into a mounted piece of art – very clever and flexible design. Artists: Eric Nyffeler Doe Eyed Nicole Gustafsson, Nima Sprout Adrian Hanft Peter Morris aka Pocket Wookie Paul Berkbigler, P. Berkbigler Design and illustration Bennett […]