Melbourne Now

Reading Time: 2 minutes Although it’s from way back in 2013, I just discovered Hofstede Design + Development’s work on the Melbourne Now exhibition catalogue. As a true lover of the grid (what print designer isn’t?) I love how they went all out and kept the gridlines visible on the page. Enjoy! Do you share my love of sexy, […]

Legendos Magazine

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lithuanian based designer Mykolas Saulytis, has created Legendos Magazine. This publication illustrates design simplicity at its finest. All it does is use one small part of the most primary design principles very well. Contrast.¬† The magazine makes use of scale alone to create contrast. Add a copious helping of white space, and the outcome is […]

The Right To Be

Reading Time: 1 minute As you may have noticed, I’m on kind of a papercraft kick right now… so, on that note, check out this beautiful book cover by Mubai-based designer and illustrator¬†Damayanti Chakravarty, for a children’s book on human rights. Love her colour palette and sensitive treatment of line and texture.