Reading Time: 2 minutes MOCA is an architecture and design office working out of São Luís, Brazil. Creation, for MOCA Architecture, is to organise space possibilities within an environment. Each unique project generates a new composition, uniting visuality and results in a functional way.   Working with the concept of form/counter form and a modernist aesthetic, Miligrama Design’s Rebeca Prado, Rodrigo Gondim and Victor […]

Same ingredients / different recipe

Reading Time: 2 minutes Taking a look at what could be considered as mere child’s play, its interesting to see how a particular (seemingly childlike) graphic style can be applied to appeal to a more sophisticated eye. Take a moment to appreciate Art&Graft’s Global Rebrand for Cartoon Network’s channel, Boomerang – and then consider how Andrew B. Myers’s graphic, minimalist photographs transform these childlike […]

Samsung: An Unsolicited Rebrand

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dutch designer Aziz Firat recently posted a speculative overhaul of the Samsung brand on his blog. Whether or not Samsung needs a rebrand is debatable, but the work he put together is so pretty that we don’t even mind. Take a look! For more on what makes a brand great, check out our whitepaper on making brands come […]

Cloak & Dagger

Reading Time: 2 minutes Christopher Doyle and Jefton Sungkar created this cool branding for recruiter Chantal Manning-Knight, which is an unusual take on the traditional concept of recruiting. “We thought why not reposition her business in a way that not only presents her skills, experience and passion for people, but also addresses the need for absolute secrecy and discretion. […]

The Modern Flower Company

Reading Time: 2 minutes London design studio Multistorey were asked to re-brand a small chain of London florists under their new name — The Modern Flower Company. “Using traditional white garden trellis as the basis of our story, we then quite literally grew type around it like vines. The grid formations of trellis allows for a very structured and […]

Eastfield Village

Reading Time: 1 minute Hovard design recently did an awesome job at branding the Historic Eastfield Village situated in the rolling hills of Rensselaer County. Heritage and craft was captured in this amazing CI, which  is simple and truly beautiful.