Marketing Magic

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new day; a new generation!  Generation Y (in South Africa demarcated as born between 1982 and 1994) is not exactly known for an extensive attention span or great brand loyalty.  This group however makes up a major part of the workforce, contributing to the economy today.  Social media and lots of quick, visual and […]

POP. What happens when the social media bubble bursts?

Reading Time: 3 minutes For the past 10 years brands have been building massive audiences on social media networks, collectively spending billions to garner huge social media followings. You may have heard about the tech bubble and you may be one of those people that are waiting for it to burst. What you may not realise is that there […]

Cerebra is born

Reading Time: 2 minutes Good morning, everyone! A few weeks ago, our friends at Cerebra launched their new brand (by us) to much fanfare and excitement. For those of you with only two minutes to spare who are wanting a little more insight into how the brand was born, take a look at our video case study below. Case Study : […]

Cerebra: Whose Tweet is it Anyway?

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Our new best friends at Cerebra just published a very interesting paper on the blurred lines (hey, hey, hey!) between a company brand and the personal brands of said company’s employees. In the age of information, consciously or not, every person with any kind of social media presence has put time into curating a […]

Mike Stopforth: Putting Your Worst Foot Forward

Reading Time: < 1 minute Even the best of us run into days where the whole world seems to be working against us. In the “Good Old Days”, if a dude had a terrible service experience with a company, it was just tough tekkie for him. The worst he could do would be to go home and complain to his […]

Mike Stopforth: Shifting From Social Media To Social Business Thinking

Reading Time: < 1 minute We here at Nicework are strong supporters of social media in an office environment – and not just because we like to creep on your holiday snaps in our lunch hour. We blog (clearly) in long and short form, we Facebook, we tweet. If it were the year 2002, we would be friending you on […]

Mike Stopforth: Social Schizophrenia

Reading Time: < 1 minute It doesn’t matter the shade of lipstick on the pig – nobody wants to kiss it. The same goes for companies with a stellar social facade backed by the same bureaucratic nightmare that is the customer service department of many a massive corporation. Some brands (Taco Bell and Skittles spring to mind) seem to have the […]

New look for Facebook? Unlike

Reading Time: < 1 minute A concept from Fred Nerby: a new look and concept for Facebook. He designed it to “…encourag[e] user behaviour and a greater control of data within a responsive grid…”  Little does Fred know I don’t need much more encouragement. Click here to see the progress Facebook Prototype – Conceptional Approach from Fred Nerby on Vimeo.

Instagram: The Numbers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mashable did an interesting article on the success of the iPhone camera app Instagram. The application combines social networking with photography so well that in the eight short months since its release Instagram now has millions of users. Let’s get to the current stats: Total users: +5 million Total photographs uploaded: +95 million Average number […]