The Manual Electric

Reading Time: 2 minutes Studio Constantine refreshed their printed materials to “demonstrate the best-case impact achieved by intelligent and strategic use of a two colour production process on both premium and commodity stocks”. The design takes reference from visual mnemonics of geometry and colour, which is rendered with sophisticated effect. via: design work life  


Reading Time: 2 minutes Take a moment to look at SOFIA by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, branded by Anagrama. It looks like something that should be collected and kept in a safe place.

The Modern Flower Company

Reading Time: 2 minutes London design studio Multistorey were asked to re-brand a small chain of London florists under their new name — The Modern Flower Company. “Using traditional white garden trellis as the basis of our story, we then quite literally grew type around it like vines. The grid formations of trellis allows for a very structured and […]

Andfold Studio

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sophisticated stationary design for graphic design company Andfold Studio in Leicester. The design features fully embossed detailing on GF Smith Colorplan, a range of Forest Stewardship Council certified papers. “The design highlights our minimalistic approach both in the identity generation and through the choice of specialist printing enhancements.” via: design work life