Throwback Thursday: Kirstin Uken

It’s our second Throwback Thursday post for the day. We don’t mean to overwhelm you, we just really feel that we have to share something awesome with you. The awesome something (someone) that we’re talking about is Kirstin Uken. Last year we interviewed the insanely talented Kirstin Uken as part of our Art Fight feature […]

Throwback Thursday: Nine and Three Quarters

Way, way back in 2012, we put together a little mini wishlist issue of NICE Magazine. We made compilations of the gadgets and gizmos we’d been eyeing all year (many of which still apply, if you’re looking to impress the Niceworkian in your life). We also caught up with a few creative folk to find out what projects they’re […]

Froback Friday: Gerhard van Wyk

Just for today we’ve had to institute Froback Friday. Before you ask – no, it’s not about bringing back Fros, so keep that comb in the box under your bed. Froback Friday is taking place today because we got so busy yesterday that we didn’t have time to make a Throwback Thursday post. We’re sorry for neglecting […]