Hyper-Matrix Kinetic Wall

Reading Time: 1 minute I am mesmirised by this robo-wall created by Media Artist Group, Jonpasang! These impressive, blocky wallscapes are giant pixelated fields that are combined with projectors and marketing to promote the carmaker Hyundai at the Yeosu Expo in Korea. Jonpasang collaboratively builds works of art combined with various technologies, always resulting in spectacular installations. Just look at it! (via TheFoxIsBlack)

Frank Chimero’s Digital Setup

Reading Time: 1 minute Frank Chimero is a respected designer and creative, whose excellent work is well worth noticing. Recently he did an interesting post on paring down the technology he uses on a daily basis, as well as utilising the technology he has to full effect.  It is a great look into the tools of the trade.