CreativeMornings: June is Broken

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gaze and eye contact are simple acts, but when our attention transforms into vigilance, we begin to notice things that weren’t immediately obvious. We might notice an extra space in a paragraph or details within the texture of the page that weren’t appreciated. When we turn our eyes to the government, healthcare, traditional education or […]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Humility

Reading Time: < 1 minute Good morning, and happy Monday. We are excited to announce the global theme for April’s CreativeMornings talk- Humility! It’s not all that. Nothing to write home about. (See what we did there?) This month’s theme was chosen by the Orlando chapter, and beautifully illustrated by Sean Tulgetske. As usual, watch this space for more information on […]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Ink

Reading Time: < 1 minute Happy Monday everyone! We’ll cut right to the chase – this month’s CreativeMornings theme is Ink, presented by Squarespace. The theme was chosen by our Melbourne chapter and beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Gemma O’Brien. When I grow up, I want to be her. As always, watch this space for speaker and venue announcements. We’ll see you there! […]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Climate

Reading Time: < 1 minute Happy Monday, everyone! As some of you may have surmised from our stealthy Facebook cover update, this month’s global CreativeMornings theme is Climate. Selected by the Ottawa chapter and illustrated by the most excellent Dave Arnold, this one is sure to… heat up. Hur hur. Venue and speaker to be announced. (Our joke was terrible. […]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Ugly

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello, everyone! Happy Tuesday. CreativeMornings is back in motion for the year, and our theme (selected by the Geneva chapter) is Ugly. This month’s illustration was beautifully illustrated by the talented Matt Chase. Watch this space for further info! If you’d like to stay in the loop about CreativeMornings Johannesburg, you can make use of these handy-dandy […]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Chance

Reading Time: < 1 minute Happy Friday, everybody. Before you roll away from your desks and into your first beer of the day, here’s a little announcement. The theme for this month’s CreativeMornings is “Chance”, lovingly selected by the Sydney chapter and illustrated (to great effect) by Jeremy Lord. As always, watch this space for news on speakers and dates! […]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Color

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello there, dear readers! We are pleased to announce that September’s global theme for CreativeMornings is “Color” – selected by the Paris team, who we had hoped by now would know better than to spell it the American way. As we say in Johannesburg, sies. Watch this space for more exciting news about our speaker, […]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Rebel

Reading Time: < 1 minute Happy Monday, everyone! By now you’re probably on your fifth cup of coffee for the day, and nicely primed for some exciting news. So here it is: the theme for February’s CreativeMornings talk is Rebel! This theme was chosen by Portland, champions of nonconformity. It’s presented by Shutterstock, who is an Official Partner of CreativeMornings. Shutterstock […]