The Cesspit of Brand Communication

So what is causing things to move from being discombobulated to  “it’s really very complicated” in the world of brand communications? We recorded a conversation recently that opened Pandora’s box for us. We are now in a dive into the complex state of affairs and the various issues brands have to face in the new […]

Coco Chanel teaches us about type

There’s a fantastic quote by Coco Chanel, that goes something like this: “Once you’ve dressed, before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” As with many things, this sentiment can apply to more than just a lady’s outfit – for us it rings true in the world […]

Flux Trends

Nicework is very proud to showcase recent work from our design dynamo Donovan Pugh. The brief was to create a cover for Dion Chang’s latest book project titled The State We’re In: The 2010 Flux Trend Review. The book brought together a number of influential and informed individuals to address issues and developments in the […]