The versatility of a font

Reading Time: 3 minutes When is comes to choosing the right typeface for your brand, it can be quite tricky – there seem to be endless choices from normal, conventional-looking fonts to bubbly, customised fonts, but how is anyone meant to choose? Typefaces are just as important to the visual effect of any design as images are. A good typeface will engage the […]

3 Trending Typeface Design Styles

Reading Time: 2 minutes Whether you call it a typeface or font, with so many typefaces being designed everyday globally, it can become difficult to choose the right typeface. Are you looking for a fabulous new typeface for your brand, maybe your website or a presentation you are delivering? Have a look at our 3 trending typeface design styles […]

What’s the difference between a font and a typeface?

Reading Time: 3 minutes We take typography very seriously – it’s one of the most effective and simple tools for effective graphic design. Using the right typeface can be the difference between your communication standing out, or blending into the pack… unless what you’re going for is just another document set out in Calibri (Microsoft Word’s default font). Not what you […]

Grey Singapore’s multinational typeface

Reading Time: 2 minutes Grey’s Singapore Group has tapped into it’s global roots to create a Multinational Typeface that reflects the combined heritage of over 100 different countries. The result is a vibrant geometric font that uses colours and shapes to symbolise a synergy between the many different cultures and nationalities (via IdentityDesign).  

Kiss The Design

Reading Time: 2 minutes A3 Collectif is a graphic design studio based in Lausanne, Switzerland. They were commissioned to develop the new corporate identity of Kissthedesign Gallery. The font “Kiss rounded” was specially developed for the gallery, a rounded typeface with a bright and contemporary style. “The logo consists of a polygonal shape with ten sides, that reminds a […]