Monster Mash-Ups

Reading Time: 2 minutes Meet the illustrator Jasper St Aubyn West who is having monster fun with photographs and the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Tailjar, as he is known on Instagram, sketched photo-cartoon mash-ups once a day for the month. Check out a selection of our favourite monster mash-ups below and see more of his work on Instagram.    


Reading Time: 2 minutes Alexandra Zutto is an illustrator, print and character designer from Russia. Zutto creates outrageous worlds filled with vivid colours, fantastical shapes and beautiful characters. He invites his viewers into an energetic, playful phantasmagoria. We love Zutto!

Fix Florida by Costa Sunglasses

Reading Time: 2 minutes At one time, Florida was a waterman’s paradise, made up of pristine estuaries, and home to healthy fish populations. Recent events have put three of Florida’s estuaries in an environmental disorder, but these events are not new, they are caused by more than half a century of development, agriculture and water mismanagement. Costa Sunglasses uses […]

Face to Face with Fonts

Reading Time: 2 minutes What if our fonts could reflect exactly what we feel? We use emojis to bring some emotion to the otherwise bland world of instant messaging but what if we could show what we feel by changing the font with the most expressive part of our bodies, our faces. Conceptual designer Renee Verhoeven’s Type Face, a […]

The Red Nose Studio

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Red Nose Studio (Chris Sickels) creates quirky 3D illustrations and animations with what is available at arms length. The artworks are beautifully crafted and rich with texture and detail. The illustrations and animations have been recognized by American Illustration, Communication Arts, and HOW. The Society of Illustrators has awarded three golds and a silver medal for […]

Thinking outside the box

Reading Time: 2 minutes Polish illustrator and designer, Peter Tarka doesn’t just think outside the box, he completely reimaged the box. His project, Boxes, features stunning  3D animation, Photoshop skills and abstracted ideas. His talent has not gone unnoticed as this young designer has been featured in several digital publications, even listed at the Photoshop’s 25 Under 25. Scroll down […]

Introducing the New Colourful Sneaker

Reading Time: 2 minutes All-white sneakers may be a classic choice – but that definitely not as fun as Mantas Baciuska’s colourful sneaker designer. TheLithuanian designer  has captured the evolution of footwear in a  fun, light-hearted and addictively watchable, neatly animated video. Mantas illustrated popular sneakers such as Vans and Converse, as well as a few hidden jewels, such […]

Colour Fun

Reading Time: 2 minutes The stick figures are brought to life with quirky characteristics and light hearted humour. They instantly come alive and bright up your day within the first few seconds, if not then I suppose you just don’t get the value of CMYK. It is a story about three ways to mix process colours and was designed […]

Meet Snask!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Meet Snask, a creative agency in Sweden that makes kick ass branding, design & film; through the eyes of Annelies Clauwaert. During a three months internship at Snask, she ended up making a stop motion film based on a design created for the Snask column in Computer Art magazine. A little treat – executed with great craftsmanship and a whole lot of pink! After […]