An Immersive World of Visual Storytelling and Puzzle Solving in ‘Samorost 3’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Prague-based Amanita Design, creators of the award-winning Mechinarium, recently released what may be their best game yet: Samorost 3. This deeply immersive puzzle game spans the ecosystems of 9 unusual planets as you encounter strange inhabitants and unlock increasingly complex secrets to advance to the next level. Amanita Design’s approach to creating completely non-verbal/non-textual games […]

Mundane Monday

Reading Time: 2 minutes The mundaneness of repeating task is often tedious, but what if it was actually something beautiful? Perhaps this is Moli Studio’s take on the matter?Their video Endless takes a mono-colored world and adds in a series of machines which perform random tasks. In the context of the video though they’re oddly hypnotizing. ENDLESS is a […]

Chiharu Shiota’s Striking Key Installation

Reading Time: < 1 minute Earlier this summer artist Chiharu Shiota unveiled her whimsical installation ‘The Key in the Hand‘ at the 2015 Venice Biennale. The sprawling artwork incorporates several old wooden boats, above which a dense cave-like network of red string suspends 50,000 donated keys. Though we wrote about the piece here on Colossal back in May, this video filmed by Sergey Khodakovskiy gives a […]

Legs Go!

Reading Time: < 1 minute BUNGALOW is an independent creative studio based in Barcelona that specialises in motion graphic and animation. These folks are super talented and the proof is in the pudding with this animated video they created for Lycra to promote their lovely range of leggings and tights. Lycra from BUNGALOW on Vimeo. If you’re thinking of creating […]

Anthony Cerniello’s Digital Ageing Process

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anthony Cerniello, a commercial video editor in Los Angeles, shows how a young girl might age into an old woman, by blending together photographs of her and her extended family. The project was essentially to create a fictional person in order to emulate the ageing process of around 60 to 70 years and mashing it […]

Creativity at work

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vallée Duhamel is a studio founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel, that specializes in high quality lo-fi video, visuals and installations. Favouring a playful and experimental approach towards working, the pieces they create just ooze fun and a wonderful sense of delight! Their latest project for the Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen takes you on an incredible journey […]

Throwback Thursday: Louis Minnaar

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week we revisit Louis Minnaar, a Pretoria-based visual artist and jack of many trades, who has sampled almost every aspect of our local creative industry. We featured some of Louis’ work in the latest issue of NICE Magazine. Apart from illustrating, Louis also animates, designs, photographs and makes videos. His work is full of […]

Throwback Thursday: Kevin Cooley

Reading Time: 2 minutes Throwback Thursday this week looks at Kevin Cooley, a visual artist from the United States, currently working and living in Los Angeles, who we featured in the latest issue of NICE Magazine. Through photography, video, and public installations, Kevin explores the interplay and conflicts between the natural world and the man-made world. In NICE Magazine: […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes Happy Monday, everyone! While some of us have been back in business for a week already, this is the first working day of 2015 for a lot of people. Shame. Having trouble getting back into the groove after your 15th cup of coffee? Luckily for all of us, DropBox has shared a little productivity secret with […]