Animation 101 – The When and The Why

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As the resident animator, videographer and editor, Animation and video makes me very happy and giddy. That being said, there are times where Animation is the most effienct and visually appealing option, and there are times in which you really should assess and think of other options. The choice to decide when and if you should use Animation to craft your vision can be a tricky one, so here is a handy little post to help you choose when you should use Animation and the pro’s and cons of it in your workflow. LETS GET ON IT !


Animation adds more dimension and interest to otherwise static elements.

When you think about websites that really grab your attention, or elements in general. Adding just a little bit of pop can really make a world of difference to engage the viewer and also add that “little bit more”.

Animation > Animated Presentations

Powerpoint, Keynote, Pages : they are all masterful and powerful presentation tools, aimed at bringing together all your images, videos, text, spreadsheets and more into one handy place. However, when it comes to doing animated presentations, the software really lacks in its functionality and ability to create really engaging animations. Even in the hands of the masterful presentation animators, there is only so much the software can do. However, with a program like After Effects, Cinema 4D, and other 3D programs, you can easily create some amazing graphics in half the time. #truestory.

Storytelling made simple

Have you ever tried to get an emotional connection or convey a feeling via a presentation ? It. Never. Works.  I say this, knowing that there might be 1% of people who have been able to pull of this masterful feat but the reality is that its hard to convey certain aspects like feelings, emotions and connections with a graph.

We are Serious Studio. from Serious Studio on Vimeo.

Explainer Videos made simple.

Sometimes, trying to explain a complex or out of context idea within 30 minutes involves a LOT of talking, pictures and slides which can ultimately take up a majority of your time, rather than getting to the point at hand. Being able to send out an email with a link to your product or service, in an easy to watch, engaging and interesting way not only impresses your clients and market, but also makes it easy to understand your service offering.

Meet FanOS from ILENOLIUKGO on Vimeo.



You have the time.


Animation is a powerful beast with all kinds of options available.  There are at least 23 images in every second of animation, and the chances of an element flying off is almost guaranteed, and when you animate almost 50 elements on the same page, there is a considerable amount of planning, positioning and sometimes even coding to ensure each and every element is doing what it should. So when considering animation, bare in mind that it might take a little bit longer but the wait is more than worth it.


You have clarity of goal / vision.


Naturally, things change. Ideas change form and things change but when it comes to animation, things are planned to milliseconds to a “quick timing change” can literally take an hour to make, because it adjusts everything els



All of this forms a very basic start on choosing and executing quality animations for your needs. Keep an eye out for future articles where we will go into various styles of animation, briefing animators and other important exciting goodies.

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