Matt Adam’s Stunning Photography

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Matt Adam’s photographs are striking works of art. These photos explore beauty in raw forms and his signature aesthetic hides a sexual undertone. The photos carrying a sense of  nostalgia for the ’60s while all of his photographs capture a sense of freedom and power that mesmerises the viewer.

“Even if I’ve spent a year planning the perfect shot, the knowledge that one click of a button can bring my vision to life is what excites me most about the medium. While documenting graffiti trips with friends, I learned how to use disposable cameras and Polaroid cameras, so when I bought my camera, I was already used to getting the image that I wanted in a few shots without hesitating. But digital makes it so there’s no limit to my art –It follows me everywhere I go. The same can be said for capturing video and working with film. It’s about capturing real moments and understanding that what I think is pretty is different than what other people think is pretty. If I can inspire you to see the beauty in my moment, and show people for who they really are, then I’ve done my job,” Adams explains about his work.







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