Mike Stopforth: Shifting From Social Media To Social Business Thinking


We here at Nicework are strong supporters of social media in an office environment – and not just because we like to creep on your holiday snaps in our lunch hour. We blog (clearly) in long and short form, we Facebook, we tweet. If it were the year 2002, we would be friending you on MySpace. Social media is misconstrued by many in old world business to be a purely recreational animal, when in fact it is in the best interests of almost any company to embrace social media as the powerful marketing and client relations tool that it is. To quote Mr. Stopforth – “hopefully you’ve cottoned on to this by now.”

You can read the full article hereMike Stopforth will be the very first to speak at the Johannesburg chapter of the CreativeMornings breakfast talk series. The session will be held at Nicework’s offices, with refreshments provided by Molecular Bars. Don’t miss it!


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