Mike Stopforth: Social Schizophrenia

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It doesn’t matter the shade of lipstick on the pig – nobody wants to kiss it. The same goes for companies with a stellar social facade backed by the same bureaucratic nightmare that is the customer service department of many a massive corporation. Some brands (Taco Bell and Skittles spring to mind) seem to have the “conversational and quirky” thing down pat – but I’ll bet my  left sock that behind the seemingly flippant chatter of these accounts is a well-oiled customer experience machine; and possibly a stand-up comedian being held captive. Anyone heard from Jerry Seinfeld lately?

The point here is that companies don’t become social media dynamite overnight – it takes time, expertise, and, most importantly – it demands that a company’s processes and policies are run just as smoothly as their social presence. Your brand may be just peachy on Twitter, but a customer with a real issue that needs resolving doesn’t need to dig very far to witness your brand’s true level of customer service.


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