Throwback Thursday: Kirstin Uken

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It’s our second Throwback Thursday post for the day. We don’t mean to overwhelm you, we just really feel that we have to share something awesome with you. The awesome something (someone) that we’re talking about is Kirstin Uken.

Last year we interviewed the insanely talented Kirstin Uken as part of our Art Fight feature in the Contrast & Contradiction Issue of NICE Magazine. Kirstin’s illustrations are delightfully spirited and she definitely held her own in our Art Fight editorial. In case you’ve never seen any of Kirstin’s work, here’s the Throwback part – some of her older stuff, produced before the Contrast & Contradiction Issue of NICE Mag was released.




Like what you’re seeing? Wondering what Kirstin’s up to now? She’s still creating amazing illustrations, of course. Here are a few of her recent illustrations that we think you might enjoy…





Can’t get enough? Get to Kirstin’s Behance Page if you would like to view more of her fantastic artwork.

If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to download your own copy of NICE Mag: Contrast & Contradiction. Just click on the image below:

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