Upping Your Type Game by Jessica Hische

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We have always been type nerds, but Jessica Hische is clearly passionate about fonts. She believes that designers should not have a favourite font, but a favourite type designer. In her article about upping your type game she covers:

  • Does it come in a variety of weights?
  • Does it have a nice x-height?
  • Does it have a true italic?
  • Is it a typeface I’d want to hang out with?
  • Is it spaced well?
  • Does it have even color?
  • What width or widths do I need?
  • If it’s a sans, is there enough letter variety?

You can read the whole article where she covers each of these points in depth. There is info on where to buy and host web fonts. I especially like that she is not one of the zombie Helvetica fans out there. So, if you want some info on pairing type and improving your game a bit, check her out.

 I care, the nerds care, and that’s enough for me.

Here area small list of her favourite font houses, if you’d like to go shopping:

The full article is online here.

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